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*NOTICE* Chrome Compatibility Update
Effective September 1, 2015 Google Chrome will no longer support websites that use Silverlight. Google Chrome users will receive a message that their web browser is not compatible, and are encouraged to transition to the new website HERE or use a different web-browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) to eFile.  

As of April 1, 2016, the File and Serve Use and Convenience Fees changed: (1) the Use Fee of $4.00 for Service Only (SO) has been eliminated (unlimited number of recipients); and (2) a credit card Convenience Fee of 2.89% will be assessed for the combined case Filing Fee and the Use Fee for either Electronic File & Serve (EFS) or Electronic File Only (EFO).

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Getting Started in File and Serve

  1. A CAID number is required for attorneys to use File and Serve (NOTE: this is different than a Bar number).  To lookup your number, click here.

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  1. Register for an account in File and Serve click here.
  2. You are ready to begin filing a wide range of actions, for example:
  • Administrative Appeal
  • Application
  • Competency Transfer
  • Complaint
  • Foreign Judgment
  • Habeas Corpus
  • Miscellaneous/Other Open
  • Notice of Lower Court Appeal
  • Order to Open
  • Petition

File and Serve Resources

  • File and Serve User Guide: Click here
  • Rule 1-005.2.Electronic Service and Filing of Pleadings and other Papers: Click here

13th Judicial District Court

Special Hearing Commissioner-issued Documents

  Commissioner e-mail address

Charles B. Sanchez  



Geoff R.  Nims    



I. Nancy Colella  



Judge-issued Documents



e-mail address


John F. Davis



George P. Eichwald



Cheryl H. Johnston



Louis P. McDonald



Cindy M. Mercer



Pedro G. Rael



James L. Sanchez



Allen R. Smith


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