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New Mexico Directory of Certified Court Interpreters
District & Magistrate Court City/County Listing
Court State Name Directory
Interpreter Certification Training and Testing
  2015 Training and Testing Schedule New Item!
  2014 Training and Testing Schedule
  FY14 NM Court Interpreter Certification Schedule
  Becoming a Certified Court Interpreter in New Mexico
  NM Court Interpreter Testing Policies
Testing for Languages with no Consortium Oral Exam
  Driving Directions to State Bar and Nearby Hotels
Essential Dictionaries for Court Interpreters
Self Assessment Questions for You
Guidelines and Policies
  Court Interpreter rules
  Instructions for Identifying, Scheduling & Paying Out-of-State Interpreters  Revised
  Instructions for Out-of-State Interpreters New Item!
  Background Check Policy
  Procedures for Processing Complaints
  Travel Time and Mileage
Court Interpreter Code of Professional Responsibility New Item!
  Interpreter Invoice (Excel format)
  Itemized Schedule of Interpreter Travel Expense
Guidelines for non-English speaking jurors
  Continuing Education Policy 2010
Continuing Education Verification Form 2010
Worksheet for Itemizing Interpreter Travel Expenses
Instructions for Requesting Reimbursement Mileage or Overnight Expenses
per DFA Regulations
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NM Court Interpreter Advisory Committee

  Agenda and Attachments for March 9, 2012 meeting

Language Access Advisory Committee

  Draft NM LAAC Minutes January 9, 2015
  Draft NM LAAC Minutes November 14, 2014
  NM LAAC Agenda for November 14, 2014 Meeting
  NM LAAC Agenda for May 9, 2014 Meeting
  Final Draft March 14 LAAC Minutes
  NM LAAC DRAFT Minutes for March 14, 2014 Meeting
  NM LAAC Agenda & Attachments for March 14, 2014 Meeting
  NM LAAC Agenda & Attachments for January 10, 2014 Meeting
  AOC NES jury training materials
  Agenda and Attachments for March 8, 2013 meeting
  Agenda and Attachments for January 11, 2013 meeting
National Consortium for State Court Interpreter Certification
New Mexico Translators and Interpreters Association
National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators
American Translators Association
El Paso Interpreters & Translators Association
Consortium for Language Access In the Courts

Pamela J. Sánchez
Statewide Program Manager, Language Access Services
Voice: 505- 827-4822, Fax: 505-827-4824

New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts
The State of New Mexico
237 Don Gaspar, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: (505) 827-4800 • Fax: (505) 827-4824


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