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ADR: Paths to Settlement

Resolución Alternativa de Disputas: Vías a la conciliación

Court Forms
Letter which the Court sends to the parties once the judge has referred the case to mediation.

Basically an agreement to mediate which explains the roles of the participants and the rules governing confidentiality, etc. All parties must sign before the mediation can begin.

Spanish translation of the Guidelines

Report that the mediators submit to the court after the mediation is completed.

If the parties reach an agreement, it is written on this form.

If a party does not want to mediate, they may file this motion.

Orders the parties to appear for mediation.

MAY be used to write the mediation agreement if both parties wish to use it. Is equivalent to a judgment.

To be filed if the parties complete the Mediation Settlement Agreement.

A party may file for judgment if the other party does not follow the mediation agreement.

Documents for Mediators

Promotional Materials

Legal Assistance Information
Contact and other information for all three credit bureaus.

Legal services in Albuquerque and statewide.