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Eleventh Judicial District Court

Tribunal del Undécimo Distrito Judicial

Eleventh Judicial District Court

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Eleventh Judicial District Pretrial Services Program is to screen the adult pretrial felony arrestee population for release suitability and to provide the court with factually accurate information via written report with release recommendations, and to supervise the defendants who the court considers to be at moderate risk of failure.

Goals and Objectives

The goal for the Eleventh Judicial District Pretrial Service Program is to maximize defendant release rates at the earliest possible time after arrest while minimizing failure to appear and danger to the community. We achieve this goal through our continuous screening process and the supervision options made available to the courts.

Program Overview

The authority by which the Pretrial Services Program is based is on the New Mexico Criminal and Traffic Law, Article 4, Release Provision, 5-401 through 5-407. In the court's determination of release conditions, the presumed release standard is release on recognizance (ROR). If the court does not feel the defendant will appear for future court hearings, or they may be a danger to the community or others, only then can more restrictive conditions be imposed.

During the Pretrial Screening Process, the following criteria will be considered:

  • The nature and circumstance of the offense
  • Family ties, employment and financial resources
  • Character and mental condition
  • Substance abuse history
  • Length of residence in community
  • Criminal history
  • Person's past record in appearing at court proceedings

The Pretrial Services Program provides a resource to the criminal justice agencies, courts and citizens of the community. This program provides extensive comprehensive information for the judges when considering release, that otherwise would not be gathered. This process is cost effective as it limits incarceration days for those clients that can be released to the community.

At the same time, it provides information to the judges for those individuals that may present a danger to the community and are more appropriate for continued incarceration.


The program was initiated by Judge G. Harrison in 1998 and began operation in August of 1998. It was funded by San Juan County in conjunction with the City of Farmington, New Mexico. The method of operation and program procedures were first adopted from the Federal Pretrial Services / Probation Program.

Funding Sources

The Pretrial Services Program is currently funded by the State of New Mexico and San Juan County.

FY 2014 Stats

  • ​People screened by PTS - 160
  • Number of screenees released to PTS Supervision - 41

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