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Second Judicial District Court

Tribunal del Segundo Distrito Judicial

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Members of the Press:

Thank you for your interest in the Second Judicial District Court in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Below are rules and guidelines to follow for coverage of SJDC proceedings.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact SJDC Administration at (505) 841-7525.




Guidelines for Media Video and Photo

Please note these important guidelines when filming or taking photos within the Courthouse.

  • Do not film or take photos of jurors or prospective jurors at any time or in any area of the Courthouse.
  • Do not film or take photos of faces of juvenile defendants in Children’s Court.
  • Do not record audio of bench conferences.  Any microphones that are positioned beyond the rail must be turned off during bench conferences.
  • Do not set up or take down equipment until a recess.
  • Do not go in front of or take your equipment in front of the rail.
  • Do follow all rules set forth by the judge in the courtroom, including any rules prohibiting filming or photographing certain witnesses.
  • Do set up all equipment 15 minutes before the start of a proceeding.
  • Do tape wires or cables securely to the floor.
  • Do be aware of images that are being captured.  For example, a tight shot of a defendant may show graphic images of evidence on a nearby computer monitor in the background.
  • Do dress appropriately for a courthouse setting:
    • No shorts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, sunglasses or flip-flops.
  • Do use only natural light for video and still photography.
  • Do coordinate with the Court administration and the Judge’s bailiff on permissible locations for a TV camera and any microphones, the use of social media (Twitter, etc.), the use of laptops or texting during proceedings and any live coverage including an internet stream.
  • Do limit movement in the Courtroom.  Still photographers must remain seated in the same location but may relocate during a recess.
  • Do minimize distractions and wait for a recess before switching out tapes, connecting cables, unpacking or storing gear or performing other noisy activities.
  • Do use a noise-reduction device, if possible.
  • Only one TV camera and two still cameras are permitted in a courtroom.  Although the Court administration may facilitate, journalists are ultimately responsible for organizing and complying with pool agreements.

Note: These guidelines were developed by the Second Judicial District Court consistent with Supreme Court Rule 23-107, which governs broadcasting, televising, photographing and recording of proceedings.  Pursuant to Rule 23-107(A)(1), all news media coverage is subject at all times to the authority of the Judge.  Please comply with all directives issued by the Judge. 

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The Legal Guide for Journalists was created by the State Bar of New Mexico as a reference guide for journalists who cover the legal beat.

Please Note:  This file is in .PDF format.  Click here to download Adobe Reader for free.


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