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NM dataXchange

In 2019 the New Mexico Legislature authorized the Crime Reduction Grant Act under HB0267.  This legislation directed local Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils to "facilitate sharing of criminal justice information between agencies" NMSA 1978 § 31-28-3(E)(5).  It also directed the New Mexico Sentencing Commission to "create and maintain a data-sharing network [to promote] information sharing among criminal justice agencies" NMSA 1978 § 9-3-10(D)(14).  Criminal Justice Coordinating Councils from across the state voted to support a statewide data sharing platform.

The NM dataXchange data sharing platform is supplied by Socrata and Tyler Technologies as a "Data as a Service" (DaaS).  The platform is hosted in a cloud environment; allows data to flow in near-real-time; provides other government entities access to the data without allowing access directly to the agency’s case management system; and offers viewing options on the platform or customizable formatting for data downloads.

NM dataXchange rolled out a pilot to all New Mexico Criminal Justice Partners in June of 2020, which included New Mexico Court data for the following datasets:

  • Notice of Hearing Information
  • Open/Active Warrants
  • Release Orders/Conditions of Release
  • Domestic Violence Orders of Protection
  • Disposition & Sentencing                            
  • Transport Orders                                          
  • Alias
  • Landlord Tenant Evictions
  • Landlord Tenant Evictions Map
  • Active Warrants Street Map
  • Court Hearings During a Pandemic Story
  • Bernalillo County MDC Inmate Information
  • San Juan County Sheriff Warrants
    • Arrests
    • Bookings/Booking Sheets
    • Cases
    • DWI
    • Traffic Citations
    • Warrants

 Coming Soon

  • DPS State ID (SID)
  • Law Enforcement Mobile App
    • Provides upcoming Hearing information to local Law Enforcement Officers

There is a C2 funding request before the 2021 Legislative session requesting additional funds to support the project moving forward.  The additional funding will cover years FY22 through FY23. In FY21, the project is expanding the number of bulk datasets on the platform and the number of agencies, other than the judiciary, who will share its bulk data.  In FY22, the project will share performance measure targets on criminal justice agency websites; and in FY23 the project will present publicly-accessible bulk datasets on criminal justice  agency  websites.

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