Have you been contacted by a person claiming to be a court employee who states that you are not in compliance with an order of the court because you missed a court date or did not pay? Keep yourself safe from cyber criminals imitating court telephone numbers (“spoofing”) who demand payment!  Anyone who receives a suspicious phone call should hang up and verify the status of their case using the NMCourts Case Lookup tool.  You can also contact the court directly or call court customer service at: 855-268-7804.  Remember: you can always see a Judge to address your outstanding issues.

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Proposed Text Documents

1st Judicial District

To submit Judge-Issued or Clerk-Issued documents

Click here to access the e-Filing Guide.

Judge                              e-mail address
Judge Frances J. Mathew, Division I sfeddiv1proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Maria Sanchez-Gagne, Division II sfeddiv2proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Shannon Broderick Bulman, Division III sfeddiv3proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Sylvia Lamar, Division IV sfeddiv4proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Jason Lidyard, Division V sfeddiv5proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Bryan Biedscheid, Division VI sfeddiv6proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge T. Glenn Ellington, Division VII sfeddiv7proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer, Division VIII sfeddiv8proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Matthew J. Wilson, Division IX sfeddiv9proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov

2nd Judicial District Court

All orders, Waiver of Arraignment and any other pleadings requiring a judge’s signature should be emailed to the Judge assigned to the case. 

Please visit the 2nd Judicial District’s Proposed Document Email page by clicking here

3rd Judicial District Court

Clerk-issued Documents

Las Cruces lcrdissuedocs@nmcourts.gov

Judge-issued Documents

Judge e-mail address
Judge Manuel I. Arrieta, Division I lcrddiv1proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Robert Lara, Division II lcrddiv2proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Conrad Perea, Division III lcrddiv3proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Mark D. Standridge, Division IV lcrddiv4proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Casey B. Fitch, Division V lcrddiv5proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge James T. Martin, Division VI lcrddiv6proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Douglas Driggers, Division VII lcrddiv7proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Grace B. Duran, Division VIII lcrddiv8proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Richard M. Jacquez, Division IX lcrddiv9proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov

4th Judicial District Court

Clerk-issued Documents

(Any document requiring a clerk seal or signature)

All documents requiring a clerk seal and signature in CV/PB/DM Case types are required to be submitted through the E-Filing Process using Filing Code – Issuance of Summons.

Writs are submitted to the assigned Judge using the e-mail address noted below.

4th District Submitted directly into File & Serve

Judge-issued Documents

(Any document requiring a Judge’s signature)

Judge e-mail address
Judge Michael Aragon, Division I lveddiv1proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Abigail Aragon, Division II lveddiv2proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Flora Gallegos, Division II lveddiv3proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov

5th Judicial District Court

Judge-issued Documents

Judge e-mail address
Judge David Finger, Division I carddiv1proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Thomas E. Lilley, Division II rosddiv2proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Efren Cortez, Division III lovddiv3proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Mark Sanchez, Division IV lovddiv4proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Jane Shuler Gray, Division V carddiv5proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge James M. Hudson, Division VI rosddiv6proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Michael H. Stone, Division VII lovddiv7proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Jared G. Kallunki, Division VIII rosddiv8proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Lisa Riley, Division IX carddiv9proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Dustin Hunter, Division X rosddiv10proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Lee A. Kirksey, Division XI lovddiv11proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge AnneMarie Lewis, Division XII carddiv12proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov

6th Judicial District Court

Judge-issued Documents

Judge Tom F. Stewart, Divison I

silddiv1proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov (Civil)

silddiv1crimproposedtxt@nmcourts.gov (Criminal)

Judge Jennifer E. Delaney, Division II

demddiv2proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov (Civil)

demddiv2crimproposedtxt@nmcourts.gov (Criminal)

Judge Jim B. Foy, Division III

silddiv3proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov (Civil)

silddiv3crimproposedtxt@nmcourts.gov (Criminal)

Judge Jarod K. Hofacket, Division IV

demddiv4proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov (Civil)

demddiv4crimproposedtxt@nmcourts.gov (Criminal)

7th Judicial District Court

Judge-issued Documents


e-mail address

Judge Mercedes C. Murphy, Socorro County, Division I


Judge Matthew G. Reynolds, Sierra County, Division II


Judge Shannon Murdock, Torrance County, Division III


8th Judicial District Court

To submit proposed Orders, Requests for Settings and/or any other pleadings which need Judge’s review, please submit to the following email addresses.

Judge-issued Documents


e-mail address

Judge Emilio Chavez, Division I


Judge Melissa Kennelly, Division 2


Judge Jeffrey Shannon, Division 3


9th Judicial District Court

Clerk-issued Documents

Clovis: currydistrictinbox@nmcourts.gov
Portales: rooseveltdistrictinbox@nmcourts.gov

Judge-issued Documents

Judge e-mail address
Benjamin S. Cross, Division I

cloddiv1proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov (Civil)

cloddiv1criminalproposedtxt@nmcourts.gov (Criminal)

Judge Drew D. Tatum, Division II

porddiv2proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov (Civil)

cloddiv2criminalproposedtxt@nmcourts.gov (Criminal)

Judge Fred T. Van Soelen, Division III

cloddiv3proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov (Civil)

cloddiv3criminalproposedtxt@nmcourts.gov (Criminal)

Judge Donna J. Mowrer, Division IV

cloddiv4proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov (Civil)

porddiv4criminalproposedtxt@nmcourts.gov (Criminal)

Judge David P. Reeb, Division V cloddiv5proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov

10th Judicial District Court

Clerk-issued Documents




Judge-issued Documents


e-mail address

Judge Albert J. Mitchell


11th Judicial District Court

Clerk-Issued Documents

Aztec, San Juan County

Submitted directly into File & Serve

Farmington, San Juan County       

Submitted directly into File & Serve

Gallup, McKinley County           

Submitted directly into File & Serve


Hearing Officer/Commissioner-Issued Documents

Hearing Officer/Commissioner      e-mail address
Brenna Clani-Washinawatok farddiv09proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov


Judge-Issued Documents


e-mail address

San Juan County-Aztec/Farmington District  
Judge Bradford J. Dalley, Division 1

aztddiv01proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov (Civil)

jrfarddiv01proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov (Criminal)

Judge Sara V. Weaver, Division 3

farddiv03proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov (Civil)

jrfarddiv03proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov (Criminal)

Judge Curtis R. Gurley, Division 4


Judge Daylene A. Marsh, Division 6 farddiv06proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Karen L. Townsend, Division 8 aztddiv08proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov


McKinley County-Gallup District


Judge Louis DePauli, Jr., Division 2


Judge R. David Pederson, Division 5


Judge Robert A. Aragon, Division 7


12th Judicial District Court

All orders, Waiver of Arraignment and any other pleadings requiring a judge’s signature should be emailed to the Judge assigned to the case.

Judge-issued Documents

Judge e-mail address
Judge Steven E. Blankenship, Division I aladdiv1proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Ellen R. Jessen, Division II aladdiv2proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Daniel A. Bryant, Division III caiddiv3proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge Angie K. Schneider, Division IV aladdiv4proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov
Judge John P. Sugg, Division V aladdiv5proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov


*Note for Clerk-Issued Documents: All Clerk issued documents are issued through File & Serve.

13th Judicial District Court

Special Hearing Commissioner-issued Documents


e-mail address

Geoff R. Nims


Ladonna L. Giron


I. Nancy Colella



Judge-issued Documents


e-mail address

Judge James L. Sanchez, Division 1


Judge George P. Eichwald, Division 2


Judge Allen R. Smith, Division 3


Judge Amanda Sanchez Villalobos, Division 4 graddiv04proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov

Judge James A. Noel, Division 5


Judge Cindy M. Mercer, Division 6


Judge Christoper G. Perez, Division 7 berddiv07proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov

Judge Cheryl H. Johnston, Division 8